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Viewers' Choice FanFic - 4

Story Title: Open Doors
Story Author: Eiluned
Rating: NC17
Category: MSR
Recommended by: Jedi Mulder
Why I like this story: Okay, so Jedi Mulder is my alter ego. I am immensely proud of this story. I feel a little weird recommending my own fic, but even I like it, and that's saying something. Please read it and tell me what you think.

Story Title: Open Air
Story Author: Jenna Tooms
Rating: NC17
Category: MSR smut!
Recommended by: Eva James
Why I like this story: Hmmm...Just lots of fun and very well written.

Story Title: Grace Realized (If anyone has a link to this story, please send it to me.)
Story Author: Micheala
Rating: G
Category: MSR
Recommended by: Jessica (a.k.a ironangel)
Why I like this story: . This is the most heart-wrenching story I have ever read, yet the author paints such a heart warming picture that it leaves you marked for life. It does involve a character death, but it is pulled off beautifully. I highly recommend it. oh, and, take my advice. Don't let the box of tissues out of your sight.

Story Title: The Last Song (If anyone has a link to this story, please send it to me.)
Story Author: StefM
Rating: PG
Category: M/S Married, A, Character Death
Recommended by: Stefanie
Why I like this story: I recommend the story because it's a fairly well-written story and I enjoyed reading it. Its well written and keeps you entertained, though doesn't answer everything. I thoroughly liked this story and would recommend it to anyone who would enjoy a M/S married, Angsty, and sad story. WAS A GOOD READ!!!

Story Title: My Skin
Story Author: Nausika
Rating: PG
Category: MSR, Scully ANGST
Recommended by: Mya Bradley
Why I like this story: it's angsty, it's mushy, it's well-written, it's intense, it's very short and to the point, and most importantly, very 'shippy! do they kiss? why or why not? I guess you'll find out. attn: Natalie Merchant fans, and non- Natalie Merchant fans alike ;)

Story Title: All Hallows Eve Series (Sue's site is currently under construction)
Story Author: Sue Esty
Rating: PG
Category: Adventure/Romance/Angst
Recommended by: Angela
Why I like this story: This series was out of this world. It begins with M&S driving home on Halloween. If you like a story with a good plot and originality this is the story for you. I couldn't get home from work fast enough, just so I could read some more of this series. Sue Esty writes like no one else.

Story Title: Speechless
Story Author: Anjou
Rating: PG
Category: MSR
Recommended by: Angela
Why I like this story: I felt that this was one of the best stories I have read. To me it could have easily been an episode from the show. I takes place after TITHONUS, this story just grabs you it so lovely. The ending just leaves you screaming NO! You need to read this. I found this story on the above URL, as far as I know this writer doesn't have a page. Anjou email is Anjou@rocketmail.com

Story Title: Dandelions For Luck
Story Author: Jaime Lyn
Rating: PG
Category: Romance/Angst
Recommended by: Julie
Why I like this story: If you're a fan of Mulder/Scully romance/angst, well look no further, 'cause I think this story has your name written on it. "Dandelions for Luck" is beautifully written. I've been trying to write like that for quite some time and have never been able to do it quite like this. It is also the only story that has made me cry. I was crying for about 20 minutes or so. I have to say, Jamie Lyn is an excellent author!

Story Title: Playing Goddess
Story Author: Shalimar
Rating: NC17
Category: MSR
Recommended by: dara
Why I like this story: this is one of my favorite stories. It was the first Fanfic I ever read and I have been hooked since then. It is wonderful mind candy without being too smutty. This is romanticism at its best. Mulder and Scully go camping and eat s'mores. oh ,they do a little skinny-dipping too!

Story Title: Unforgotten
Story Author: Mikki
Rating: G
Category: MSR
Recommended by: McKenzie
Why I like this story: I apologize for sending in my own Fan Fiction to this website because it shows complete conceit. I would like to recommend my own Fan Fiction not because it belongs to me because I realize that there are probably many other Fan Fiction's that deserve to be archived ahead of mine. I think my Fan Fiction is good for both Fencer and Shippers. It is rated G so it is appropriate for all readers and it's got just the right amount of MSR. I have been told by many people that My Fan Fiction is good and than I was yelled at because I hadn't written more. In conclusion I hope that you archive my Fan Fiction. Thank You, McKenzie

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