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Viewers' Choice FanFic - 6

Story Title: Playing Goddess
Story Author: Shalimar
Rating: NC-17
Category: MSR
Recommended by: Dawn
Why I like this story: It's the perfect Mulder/Scully story. Shalimar is one of the best authors I've had the pleasure of reading their work. It's just so..... Mulder and Scully.

Story Title: Nightscape
Story Author: Kristel S. Oxley-Johns
Rating: Nc-17
Category: M&S Married
Recommended by: Jodi
Why I like this story: The story is extremely moving..I'm impressed w/ the work of Paula Graves, Lydia Bower, Leyla Harrison, and Lea Collins and Kristel fits perfectly with all these awesome writers..it's smutty..but not to smutty. If you get what I mean...it's a deeper understanding of love rather than just jumping into the sack...it's a sweet story of Mulder and Scully married and against all odds..it shows that they truly love each other. It also has a great X-file within the story. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did. ;)

Story Title: Cry of the Truth I, Cry of the Truth II, Cry of the Truth III, and Cry of the Truth IV
Story Author: A. I. Irving
Rating: NC-17
Category: MSR
Recommended by: missbunny
Why I like this story: "Cry of the Truth" is the follow-up to A. I. Irving's Morley award-winning first story, "The Actor". It was only after reading these shipper-romances that I actually started watching the X-files. She not only understands M and S; she understands the human heart.

Story Title: Midnight In The Garden (external link)
Story Author: Pale The Chicken Slayer
Rating: PG
Category: Angst/romance
Recommended by: Angel_ODing
Why I like this story: This story (written by my x-Files loving twin Pale) is by far her best yet. Okay, so things happen. But this story um shall I say *introduced* me into the world of x-files fan fiction. Read it! You WON'T be disappointed. Also, unfortunately most if not all of her stories have someone dying and I still cant handle that but this one may change my mind if I read a few more times

Story Title: 12 Degrees of Separation (external link)
Story Author: Anne Haynes
Rating: Nothing stronger than an R
Category: X-File, MSR, ANGST
Recommended by: Katrina
Why I like this story: Mulder & Scully characterization in this story is fantastic. The plot is woven together so well, excellent UST which leads on to great RST garnished with lots of witty lines. The plot will keep you hooked on to the end and when it is finished, you would want to start over for some more. A true masterpiece!

Story Title: The Words Series
Story Author: Karen Rasch
Rating: NC17
Category: MSR, ANGST
Recommended by: Hayley G
Why I like this story: Okay...this HAVE to mave been the best series or fanfic I have EVER read. it took a while but all perceiving readers I recommend this to....I laughed, I cried. it has it all!!

Story Title: Passion's Tears
Story Author: Tara W.
Rating: NC17
Category: MSR/Angst
Recommended by: JSherrill
Why I like this story: I really liked this fanfic. It's not that long, and it's an enjoyable read. Kind of sad, very sexy, with a pretty happy ending. Shippers should check it out!

Story Title: Summer of 79
Story Author: Deepblue21@aol.com
Rating: PG
Category: Story, Romance, Angst
Recommended by: Annie
Why I like this story: It's a really "funny" storyline about how Mulder and Scully meet in 1979 at Martha's Vineyard, without ever knowing the other ones name.

Story Title: Spell (external link)
Story Author: KRoch
Rating: PG
Recommended by: Annie
Why I like this story: It's a long series of stories about Mulder and Scully getting together over a few years. It's a great story and it's told in sort of a "normal" way, unlike many other fanfics. The characters are not "out of character", which also is common in fanfics. It's a great series, which I think contains 12 parts, plus "spell:loki" and "spell: samantha".

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