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Viewers' Choice FanFic - 11

Story Title: Womb (6k)
Story Author: MaidenJedi
Rating: R
Category: SA, hint of MSR, Scully POV
Recommended by: Michelle
Why I like this story: To be frank, I wrote it. It is a SUZ fic, set during Teena Mulder's autopsy. I am recommending it because I would like to get some feedback. This is my second fic, and I need some pointers. Thanks. Gertie's note: Check out MaidenJedi's beautiful website!

Story Title: Silent All These Years
Story Author: Pale the Chicken Slayer
Rating: R
Category: MSR, Character Death
Recommended by: Blue
Why I like this story: I recommend this story because it was absolutely touching and heartfelt, it made you feel as if you were watching it on Tv. There's a tint of the cancer-arc and lot's of shippyness. And to top things off...there's tori amos lyrics which make things come completely together :)

Story Title: Then What of Our Nightmares? part 1 (21k) part 2 (18k) part 3 (23k)
Story Author: Kelly Moreland
Rating: NC17
Category: S, A, MT, MSR, post-col
Recommended by: Catriona Wimsey
Why I like this story: This wonderful fanfic is by far the best post-colonization story I have ever read. The re-building of the MS relationship is beautiful, characterization superb and both the Mulder and Scully angst heart wrenching but fantastic.

Story Title: Damage Wrought by a Trip to Philadelphia (88k) and II (64k)
Story Author: J. Hallmark
Rating: NC17
Category: MSR, ANGST, ANGST and more ANGST
Recommended by: Esther N
Why I like this story: Mulder reads the file of Ed Jerse and he gets a little angry with Scully. He feels betrayed. Once I started it, I couldn't let it go. It's a very angsty story, but it's worth it.

Story Title: Adagio, Appassionato (11k)
Story Author: Liz Owens
Rating: NC17
Category: V, A, MSR
Recommended by: Dawn
Why I like this story: What would you do if you have a wonderfully erotic dream about your partner? Ok, now what would you do if you're not sure that it was as dream? That is the dilemma that Scully is faced with. Liz Owens is a wonderful writer and I would recommend any of her stories. This story is set just after her story Lux and there is a third part as conclusion called Eden. All of these can be read alone, but are so much better together. Gertie's note: Check out more of Liz Owen's fanfic at Nourished by Silence.

Story Title: Dance Without Sleeping I (71k) and Part II (106k)
Story Author: Lydia Bower
Rating: NC17
Category: MST/ANGST!
Recommended by:
Why I like this story: Dance Without Sleeping was full of the kind of love that everyone wishes they can experience; unconditional, true, and unending. The fact that the characters tend to "break up" and "get back together" makes the story more believable, and it is classic 4th/5th season. I am thrilled that Ms. Bower took the time and effort to create such a work of art. It made me cry, laugh, cringe, shout, all these things. I think that any FanFic that is well written is an episode in itself, except better: you get to decide the camera angles.

Story Title: Father
Story Author: Dana E. Vassy
Rating: PG13
Category: Mulder angst, character death
Recommended by: Lola
Why I like this story: It's sweet, without being overtly shippy. It tells the story of Mulder carrying on without Scully, and raising her daughter. It's sad, but still heart-warming, and we never forget how much Scully meant to him.

Story Title: Opportunities
Story Author: Susan
Rating: R
Category: MSR, post-ep for Arcadia
Recommended by: Maidenjedi
Why I like this story: Susan is one of my all time favorite authors, as anyone who knows me knows. She is THE Golden Goddess of Vignettes! And she proved it again with this beautiful missing scene/post-ep for Arcadia! Susan writes Scully as if she herself WAS Scully. Highly recommended, and on a scale of 1-10 I give it a 15!!!

Story Title: New York In Autumn Part 1and New York In Autumn Part 2
Story Author: Verona
Rating: PG
Category: MSR, Humor
Recommended by: Verona
Why I like this story: Because it's refreshingly feel good. It's such a great break from all the angst, and it's very well written with dead on characterization and a great storyline. Here's the gist: M&S have been transferred to the New York FBI offices for reasons they're somewhat suspicious of, but they have got something much bigger to think about.... Part 2 of my first fic, New York In Autumn. I'm recommending it because I'm proud of it, and I'm getting good responses and I like a feel good fic once in a while. Normally, I don't like non Scully/Mulder narrators, but Lexi seemed to grow on me....see if you don't agree...and let me know if you don't or if you have anything to say about the fic!

Story Title: Sunday Matinee
Story Author: Verona
Rating: R
Category: Angsty vignette
Recommended by: Kelsey
Why I like this story: Because it's poignant without being saccharine and shows a side of Scully that's hard to find and write truthfully. And it's so sweet and sad!

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