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Viewers' Choice FanFic - 8

Story Title: Lost and Found (47k)
Story Author: JLB
Rating: R
Category: V, A, MSR
Recommended by: Shauna Smith
Why I like this story: Like Amy from the Haven said.. 'HOLY FLAMING COW!!' This is one of the best fan fictions that I have ever read. It's a story about Mulder suffering, and he needs to lean on Scully, and she has to make one of the most important decisions that she has made in this relationship. Mulder and Scully finally break down the walls. I have read this story over many times and I still love it! Read it! You won't be disappointed!

Story Title: Soul's Confession (13k)
Story Author: Shawen A. Greer
Rating: G
Category: V, MSR, UST, Angst
Recommended by: Theresa
Why I like this story: I had recommended this story before but didn't realize that I gave a bad URL for it. Sorry for the inconvenience if anyone tried to find it!!!! I really liked this story because it shows just how deep the connection is between Mulder and Scully, and what a tremendous person Scully is as an individual.

Story Title: Ruby Part 1 (113k) and Part 2 (74k)
Story Author: Ary GH
Rating: NC17
Category: SRA
Recommended by: Claire Mackenzie
Why I like this story: This story has everything you could want from an fanfic. There is plot and not just mind candy, but some great relationshippy stuff that needed resolving between the pair. Read it you'll know what I'm talking about. Any one wanna join me in one of those goodie dances? ;-)

Story Title: Found (8k)
Story Author: Kailee White
Rating: PG
Category: MSR
Recommended by: Elizabeth Browning
Why I like this story: I just read this story, and it gave me the goosebumps. I haven't found that many good post millennium kiss stories, but this one... it made me feel like I was inside Scully's head, experiencing what she was feeling and thinking during those few moments. I humbly recommend this to anyone who had a soft spot for that kiss. You definitely need to read this, let the author know what you thought!

Story Title: Dana Katherine's Secret (65k)
Story Author: Alicia K.
Rating: NC17
Category: MSR
Recommended by: Mel C.
Why I like this story: The humour is what snags you at first, but once the action heats up, you'll love her Kickin'It!Scully. As Alicia says, it's (SS) Smart-Ass Smut (but I prefer SASs, you know?).

Story Title: By the Way (22k)
Story Author: Slippin' Mickeys
Rating: R
Category: Humor, MSR
Recommended by: Stun G.
Why I like this story: Just read it !!! It's very funny !!!

Story Title: Between Times (21k)
Story Author: ARB
Rating: PG
Category: MS Friendship
Recommended by: the stylus
Why I like this story: A lovely piece from Mulder's point of view that does not presume to assume that the Xmas Carol/Emily arc can be cast aside without consequence. An exploration of faith and doubt as they pertain to the agents. Read it, if for no other reason, than for the line: "If time is the fourth dimension, maybe belief is the fifth."

Story Title: I Have Known a Boy Named Fox and a Man Named Mulder (140k)
Story Author: Penny Daza
Rating: PG
Category: X-Files, MSR
Recommended by: Elaine
Why I like this story: First ever story that made me look further for fanfics like this. Interesting and very original storyline. If Scully is to help Mulder fight his demons, it would be this way!!

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