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Viewers' Choice FanFic - 7

Story Title: Missing Hours (12k)
Story Author: Tara
Rating: NC17
Category: Angsty-smut, MSR
Recommended by: Shawen Greer
Why I like this story: Tara has a wonderful way with turning angst into RST. This short story is a very intense and sexy look at the missing hours from Sein Und Zeit. One word summary...WOW!

Story Title: Nightscape Part 1 (84k), Part 2 (78k), Part 3 (89k) and Part 4 (101k)
Story Author: Kristel S. Oxley-Johns
Rating: NC17
Category: MS Married
Recommended by: Erin
Why I like this story: This story was one of the first ones I ever read when I discovered this site and it has kept me coming back for more ever since. This story is wonderfully written with exceptional detail and insight to Mulder and Scully. What makes this story is that it is true to who Mulder and Scully are. It does not portray them in some sappy marriage where all they do is stare in to each other's eyes all doe eyed. They still have their careers intact and move into marriage easily. Beautiful story.

Story Title: Time (119k)
Story Author: Terma99
Rating: NC17
Category: MSR
Recommended by: Tabitha
Why I like this story: AHHH! I can't remember what site I got this story from! I wanna say it came from Sea's Land of X (which sadly, no longer exists) Luckily, when I first read it, I thought it was SO great that I printed it. It is one of THE BEST smutty stories I have EVER read...and I'm a HUGE smut fan! I recommend it to any sap loving shipper...that is if anyone can FIND the darn thing.... =) TERMA99!! WHERE IS IT??

Story Title: The Dice (19k)
Story Author: Georgia
Rating: R
Category: MSR
Recommended by: Shawen Greer
Why I like this story: I just liked the whole idea behind it. Scully finds something in Mulder's desk and "gets caught" with it. Soon, she is completely out of control as the "game" proceeds.

Story Title: Only in My Dreams (6k)
Story Author: Starflake
Rating: PG
Category: MSR
Recommended by: Kay Morgan
Why I like this story: It's a sweet story, and it takes place at Christmas time, I dare not say more, so you'll have to e-mail me for it!!! It's my all time favorite story, well at least out of the ones rated G. Than, ~Kay

Story Title: Chosen (267k)
Story Author: Angela C.J. Wettergren
Rating: NC17
Category: S/R/A
Recommended by: Dana M.
Why I like this story: I don't know what it was that hit me so hard when I read this story, but it became one of my all time favorites immediately. I think the author has captured both Scully and Mulder so well in this situation, and I highly recommend you read it. It will make you cry and it will keep you on the edge of your seat. A great story, IMHO.

Story Title: You'll Be in My Meart (249k)
Story Author: barb (alter ego)
Rating: PG
Category: MSR, S, Angst
Recommended by: Barb
Why I like this story: I've gotten some incredible feedback from this story and hope that you'll give a go, too. It's got it all: romance, angst, action, adventure, Gibson is mentioned, the LGM make an appearance as does Skinner. Set just post- Milagro and The Unnatural and takes off from there.

Story Title: Comfortably Numb (235k)
Story Author: Paige Caldwell
Rating: R
Category: MSR, S
Recommended by: Sofia Porter
Why I like this story: I recommend this story and this author because it is one of the few authors who have a very imaginative style of writing and sometimes while you are writing it, you forget that is a fanfic.

Story Title: Keep Me From the Cold (123k)
Story Author: Stephanie Kaiser
Rating: NC17
Category: Angst, MSR
Recommended by: Davian
Why I like this story: This is one of the sweetest FanFics I've ever read, and I read a lot of this stuff!! Mulder is so caring and loving, it almost made me cry. If you're hopeless shippers you have got to read this. Well I think that's all: enjoy the story!

Story Title: Fate is Everything (110k)
Story Author: Angel
Rating: NC17
Category: MRS, some ANGST, Case file
Recommended by: SRG
Why I like this story: This is a great first try at fanfic! Its got humor, a interesting case, MSR...What more can you ask for? I cant wait to read more of Angel's work!

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