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Viewers' Choice FanFic - 5

Story Title: Cubed
Story Author: Louise Marin
Rating: NC17
Category: MS UST, MSR, Alternate Universe
Recommended by: Clovertear
Why I like this story: I loved this story because it was both satisfying and sweet. Even though I usually don't 'go' for "alternate universe" stories, this one was excellently done. The plot kept me hooked right to the end. The Mulder/Scully interaction was wonderful, and it could melt your heart.

Story Title: The Gift
Story Author: Sue Esty (Windsinger)
Rating: PG
Category: SRA
Recommended by: Laurie
Why I like this story: This is my very favorite story. It's short, poignant and very very sad. Enough romance to make you smile but mostly the sheer tragedy will break your heart. This story will haunt your thoughts for days.

Story Title: Goshen
Story Author: Bone Tree
Rating: NC17
Category: MSR/Angst
Recommended by: Beth
Why I like this story: This one is under the "New Stories," by a new author, and I think it's one of the best fanfictions I've EVER read. I think if you'll read it you'll see what I mean! WHEW! Thanks for your great site.

Story Title: Changes
Story Author: Kate
Rating: R
Category: Character POV
Recommended by: FJ
Why I like this story: Not a typical Gertie pic although this story contains an interesting point of view and keeps you in suspense until the end. Who is the story teller?

Story Title: Accident
Story Author: Laurie Sarnacki
Rating: PG
Category: MSR ANGST
Recommended by: Jodi K
Why I like this story: This a great story that shows that you should never leave angry cuz you may not have the chance to say you're sorry.

Story Title: All for You
Story Author: Cher
Rating: PG
Category: XF, Romance
Recommended by: Cher
Why I like this story: It's my first attempt at fanfic and I think it's pretty good...but I really need some feedback (it IS likely that I'm biased!). It's on gossamer now, but I want to get it out on several other sites as well so that I may be able to hear back from more people.

Story Title: The Missing Word
Story Author: Sarah Kiley
Rating: NC17
Category: MSR
Recommended by: Kate
Why I like this story: Simple. This was the first fan fiction I ever read. It is what got me addicted. I have spent the last three years trying to find a story anywhere that has matched it. I have been unsuccessful. As all the people who have read this story say, nothing else comes close. This story is beautiful.

Story Title: The Locket (external link)
Story Author: Sarah Kiley
Rating: NC17
Category: RAXH MSR
Recommended by: Sandra
Why I like this story: The mood music is SUPERB. I must say, Sarah is one of my fave authors. The sad part is, this is her last fic and I'd like to pay tribute to it.

Story Title: No Mistakes
Story Author: Haty Allan
Rating: PG-13
Category: MSR
Recommended by: Tanya Hallstein
Why I like this story: This was the sweetest, funniest story I have ever read! I really loved the characterizations (especially Mulders) and overall, it was simply wonderful. I strongly recommend this story! Thanks!

Story Title: Bitter Pill
Story Author: Danielle Dupre'
Rating: PG-13
Category: MSR
Recommended by: Kelly
Why I like this story: I recommend Bitter Pill because it is a great romance story, and Mulder and Scully's characters are very well written. Read it!! it's Great!!! I also recommend anything by Danielle Dupre'

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