Title: Unforgotten

Author: Mikki Nelson ([email protected])

Rating: G

Disclaimer: The characters portrayed in this Fan Fiction are not mine. They belong to Chris Carter and 1013 Production Company. No one is making a profit from this story or It's characters.

Classification: Mulder Scully Relationship

Scully's Apartment

10:00 am

March 2, 2020

Dana Scully was in her apartment. Her Brother and his wife had come over to help her pack. Aurora, One of her nieces was in her room packing boxes. Dana who is this? Aurora yelled from inside Scully's closet. Scully walked into the bedroom and walked over to Aurora. Aurora held up a picture of Mulder. Scully looked at the picture longingly.

"Someone I used to know."

"Was it a boyfriend.

" No, Aurora he wasn't a boyfriend."

Aurora just looked up at Scully.

"Please tell me about him."

Scully sat down on the side of the bed.

"His name was Fox Mulder. We worked in the FBI together."

Aurora looked surprised. "

"You worked in the FBI?"

"Yes, a long time ago before you where born. I worked on a project called The X Files. We investigated paranormal phenomenon. I was assigned to The X Files in 1991. He was always a true gentleman to me. After a few years we gained each other's trust. I loved him with all the passion in the world."

Aurora just looked confused.

"Why didn't you ever go out with him?"

" Our relationship wasn't romantic. We couldn't do anything romantic. We where bound by or jobs. Our relationship was business. We where partners."

"Did you want to go out with him?"

"At first, the first time I saw him I though he was handsome. After a while I got to know him. He because my best friend I told him everything. He was the only one I could trust. When ever it started getting romantic something would happen. We almost kissed once. I told him I was leaving the bureau. I tried not to see the hurt in his eyes, all I could do was walk away. He came after me telling me that he cared about me. I was his one and only. We almost kissed that night but it was fated. He told me he loved me once but I don't know how sincere he was. He was on a lot of drugs. I have often wondered how much he really cared about me. We continued our investigations for a while after that but soon they detearated. When they closed The X Files for good we promised that we would never loose contact. Out hearts would always be together and we could never be torn apart."

"What happened Auntie Scully?"

"We kept in contact for a while but eventually we lost contact I moved here and eventually the letters stopped coming."

"Do you ever wonder about him?"

Scully looked down at Aurora who was holding the picture.

"I wonder every day about him. I wonder what could have happened if we would have stayed together. I wonder where he is. I wonder about that I love you. Never let someone like that get away Aurora. If you find someone you love don't let them get away."

Scully's thoughts drifted off to places and time that they where together. Suddenly, Scully got up from the edge of the bed and walked out of the room. Walking out of the door, Scully was almost in a daze. She got into her car.

"Maybe, someone will know where he has gone" Scully thought as she drove.

Scully pulled up to Mulder's old apartment. Her heart raced as the elevator rose to Mulder's floor. Walking down his hall she could almost see him pleading with her to stay with the bureau. When she got to apartment 42 her heart sank.

"What am I don't here? What am I hoping for?" she though.

She saw herself knocking on his door. From the other side she could hear the lock. The door opened and she saw Mulder standing there stunned.


Scully just broke down into tears and hugged him tightly. His arms grasped around her as they had done so many times before.

"I love you" Scully whispered.

Mulder could not believe that after all theses years his one true love had come back.

"I've missed you" Mulder whispered back

"promise you'll never leave me again"

"you and me forever" Mulder said smiling