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X-Files FanFic by Title: L

tri Lady of Dreams (19k)
Author: Scott Hauenstein
Category: ANGST, MSR
Rating: NC17
Synopsis: Scully takes a sniper hit, which, in turn, freaks Mulder into revealing his true feelings for her.

tri Last Word (21k)
Author: Alicia K.
Category: MSR
Rating: NC17
Synopsis: A fight, a club, an apartment.

tri Later (22k)
Author: Kelli
Category: MSR, ANGST
Rating: R
Synopsis: Mulder saves Scully life, just as she is about to be raped by a wacko-guy. Our two favorite agents finally "see the light" and share a kiss...

tri The Leap (90k) and Landfill (82k)
Author: Ambress
Category: MSR
Rating: NC-17
Synopsis: Scully's quest to get pregnant leads her to Mulder...

tri L'eau Bon (18k)
Category: MSR
Rating: NC17
Synopsis: An alternate ending to "Agua Mala," one that would have made the episode a great deal more enjoyable. <g> What if Mulder and Scully hadn't found their way to the apartment complex?

tri Leftovers (78k)
Author: Terma99
Category: Smut, smut, and a little smut too...
Rating: NC17
Synopsis: Did any of you see the movie 9 1/2 Weeks?

tri Lesser Evils (246k)
Author: Hannah Mason
Category: ANGST, MSR
Rating: R
Synopsis: Mulder thought that no one could ever want Scully as much as he did. He was dead wrong.

redball recommended The Letter (60k)
Author: Shalimar
Category: MSR
Rating: NC17
Synopsis: Set post The Field Where I Died, Scully finds a letter that reveals that Melissa was NOT Mulder's soul mate... I wonder who is then?

tri Life Cycles: The Unveiling (62k)
Author: Susan Proto
Category: MSR, Mulder ANGST
Rating: PG-13
Synopsis: Mulder ANGST-'O-RAMA with loads of Scully comfort. YUM!

redball recommended The Link (61k)
Author: The fabulous Leyla Harrison
Category: MSR, pinch of angst...
Rating: NC17
Synopsis: Another Leyla story! This one is set post Pusher. Lots of SEX, a splash of angst... Leyla, in her element!

tri Losing Battles (29k)
Author: Dianora
Category: MSR, ANGST!
Rating: PG
Synopsis: In the aftermath of the Modell case, Mulder struggles with his feelings while Scully deals with another man's attentions. Another post-Pusher goodie!

tri Love at First Shot (62k)
Category: Mulder/Other, ANGST, Mulder/Scully
Rating: NC17
Synopsis: If the thought of Agent Mulder with (gasp!) another woman upsets you, don't read this story! I find it forgivable (giggle) because of the ending, if ya know what I mean... :)

tri Love Never Dies (21k)
Author: Siobhan Gormley
Category: MSR, ANGST
Rating: R
Synopsis: Scully thinks Mulder is dead... But, Gertie can't depress herself with those kinds of stories, so rest assured this one turns out all right! :)

redball recommended Love So Strong (53k)
Author: Leyla Harrison
Category: MSR, ANGST
Rating: NC17
Synopsis: Mulder and Scully have a big fight and say some really stupid, hurtful things to one another. But, true to Leyla style, making up is the best part of any good fight...

tri Lover's Touch (6k)
Author: Aeslehc Nametab
Category: SMUT!
Rating: NC17
Synopsis: A short little piece of smut, for all you Smutsters (like me!) out there!!!

redball recommended Loving You (78k)
Author: Leyla Harrison
Category: MSR, super ANGST
Rating: NC17
Synopsis: OK, I write all the stories down on paper before I post them here, with a few key words to help me remember the story contents. For this one, all I wrote was, SUPER angst, f***ed up against the wall. LOL! I crack myself up sometimes! But, it helped me remember that this is one of Leyla's more powerful, ANGSTy reads. Recommended!

tri Liberation (20k)
Author: Moonbeam
Category: MSR
Rating: NC17
Synopsis: OK. What would you do if you walked in on Fox Mulder stepping out of the shower?... I thought so!!! (Welcome to the MulderGutter, where there is always room for more!) Well, Dana Scully is no different then *us* in this one!!!

tri Lure of the Fox I (158k) and II (295k)
Author: Caroline O'Callaghan
Category: X-Files, ANGST, MSR
Rating: NC17
Synopsis: An interesting X-File story, with some relationshipper aspects interwoven, make for a long, but enjoyable read.

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