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X-Files FanFic by Title: A

redball recommended Abattoir (98)
Author: Xenith
Category: ANGST
Rating: NC-17; Warning! This is a gritty, brutal VIOLENT story with explicit scenes; contains scenes of rape. Under 17's should run away screaming.
Synopsis: Somebody is kidnapping and brutally murdering FBI agents close to Skinner, then sending him the videotapes. Mulder and Scully are next. (Oh boy kids! This is Mulder Angst times 10!!)

tri Abstract Expressionism (21k)
Author: Nicole van Dam
Rating: NC17
Synopsis: Mulder and Scully start a "paint" fight that leads to some hanky-panky on the floor of an art gallery...

tri Acquitted (50k)
Author: aka "Jake"
Category: Story, MSR
Rating: NC-17
Synopsis: Mulder gets hurt by a supposed Big Foot and Scully and him have to hide on a cabin. Things get hot. ;-)

tri Demonstrative (40kb)
Author: abracadabra
Category: MSR
Rating: PG-13
Synopsis: Mulder forgets that he was supposed to help Scully with a lecture she's giving on safe sex. When he goes to see how things are going in class he gets more than he ever expected.

tri Act of Acceptance (1/1)(33k)
Author: Brandon D. Ray
Category: SRA, MSR
Rating: NC17
Synopsis: Mulder finds himself in deep depression in the aftermath of a case, and Scully must find a way to comfort him.

tri Act of Faith (51k)
Author: Brandon D. Ray
Category: SRA, MSR (relationship already established)
Rating: NC17, baby!
Synopsis: On their three month anniversary of becoming a couple, M&S explore an extreme possibility.

tri Act of Indiscretion (21k)
Author: Brandon D. Ray
Category: MSR
Rating: NC17
Synopsis: Part of Brandon's "Act" series.

redball recommended Accident (58k)
Author:Laurie Sarnacki
Category:MSR ANGST
Synopsis: Mulder and Scully have a fight (angst!) and Mulder leaves her apartment mad (more angst!). On his way home he gets into a terrible car accident... (super angst!)

redball recommended Adagio (29k)
Author: Johnie
Rating: NC17
Synopsis: Set two years after Gethsemane, Mulder and Scully are now leading separate lives. This is a "reunion" story. YUMMY!! :)

tri Affirmation (26k)
Author: ViXen
Rating: NC17
Synopsis: Mulder is called to the morgue to ID a body he thinks is Scully's. Remember the US Magazine morgue picture? That's what you're getting with this one...

tri After (31k)
Author: Sugarellie
Category: Story, MSR
Rating: NC-17
Synopsis: Mulder can't sleep and asks Scully if he can sleep with her. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean, oh hell, I just wanted to, you know, ask if I could sleep in your bed, or on the chair in your room. I don't want to be alone tonight." Poor Mulder. <g>

tri After (80kb)
Category: X, MSR, SA, S/O
Rating: NC-17
Synopsis: The relationship is at its lowest ebb. Can it be saved while working on a case in Philadelphia? (Relationship previously established.)

redball recommended After We've Said Good Bye (18k)
Author: M.C. Akimoto
Category: MSR
Rating: PG
Synopsis: Set post Memento Mori, (a personal favorite of just about all of us!) Scully is forced to leave the FBI until she is deemed "cancer-free." She and Mulder start a new phase of their relationship. Story removed at author's request

tri Afternoon Campaign (13k)
Author: DurriBakht
Category: MSR SMUT!
Rating: NC17
Synopsis: This is pure, big fun, X-Files Relationshipper Smut!

tri Against The Wall (36kb)
Author: Melody
Category: MSR, Smut
Rating: NC-17
Synopsis: "Against the Wall"... Hummm. Wonder what this one could be about? Author's description: While out of town at a partnership seminar, the agents are asked to take a look at some strange rooms found in an old warehouse -- with surprising results.

tri Agent Scully Works her Magic (25k)
Author: Hindy Z. Bradly
Category: MSR
Rating: NC17
Synopsis: Mulder and Scully are decorating a Christmas tree, when things start to heat up... FUN MIND CANDY!!! :)

tri Air (20k)
Author: Sheryl Martin
Category: MSR
Rating: NC17
Synopsis: Pure mind candy... and LOTS of sex!

tri Alarming Behavior (142k)
Author: Lovesfox
Category: Story, Angst, MSR
Rating: NC-17
Synopsis: Mulder is ill and calls Scully for help. When Scully arrives, he exhibits some very un-gentlemenly like behavior and feels a need to apologize to Scully.

tri Alive (95k)
Author: Easterhawk & Eagleclaw
Category: MSR, Mulder ANGST! Rape
Rating: NC-17
Synopsis: Mulder must deal with issues from his past before he can live in the present. Scully helps him through it all.

redball recommended All the Children are Insane (21k)
Author: Mustang Sally
Category: MSR, ANGST!
Rating: NC17
Synopsis: Post 'End' vignette. This is definitely a "I think I need a cold shower" story. Goodie dance anyone?

tri All the Wishes in the World I: The Incident (55k)
Author: Sammi M.
Category: ANGST (rape)
Rating: strong R
Synopsis: A nasty old serial-killer-wacko escapes prison and searches for the man who put him there in the first place. Could it be... Mulder ?!

tri All the Wishes in the World II: Recovery (22k)
Author: Sammi Moch
Category: ANGST (rape)
Rating: R
Synopsis: Part 2 of Sammi's compelling "Wishes in the World" series... Mulder will probably recover physically, but emotionally? That's another question...

tri All the Wishes in the World III: Aftermath (54k)
Author: Sammi Moch
Category: ANGST (rape)
Rating: R
Synopsis: The conclusion of Sammi's All the Wishes trilogy. (Oops! I spoke too soon! Sammi has another chapter called: Survival. 34k)

tri All We Know of Heaven (19k)
Author: Jenna Tooms
Category: Mulder Angst, MSR
Rating: NC17
Synopsis: Scully comfort after Mulder is at the mercy of a madman.

tri Almond (8k)
Author: Morgyne
Category: MSR
Rating: NC17
Synopsis: If it would have happened like this, "Hi Morgyne! My name is Gertie. Could you please write a short story, for us Romantics, with extra fluff, and some good sex too?" it would have been very accurate!

tri Alpha and Omega I (15k) and Alpha and Omega II (10k) and Alpha and Omega: Finale (11k)
Author: Linda Phillips
Category: MSR
Rating: PG and NC17
Synopsis: A nice short little series about Mulder "discovering" his true feelings for Scully and then acting on them. The final chapter in the series is now out! Finale (11k)

tri An Alluring Indiscretion (416k)
Author: Beduini and M. Taylor Harrison
Category: Casefile, Story, MSR
Rating: NC-17
Synopsis: This is a great casefile with excellent Mulder/Scully interaction.

tri An Informed Choice (24)
Author: Karen Rasch
Category: MSR
Rating: NC17
Synopsis: What 'Shippers hoped happened during Scully's stay at Mulder's apartment during All Things. I couldn't have imagined it better that Karen conveyed it for us!

tri Anamnesis (53k)
Author: Sheena
Category: MSR, Scully ANGST
Rating: NC17
Synopsis: Scully is re-assigned out of the X-files by unknown forces. While on her new assignment, she is abducted and loses her memory. Mulder to the Rescue!

redball recommended Anchored (32k)
Author: Lydia Bower
Category: ANGST, UST, MSR
Rating: R
Synopsis: Can you say "Mulder Angst-O-Rama?" Lydia can! And, lucky for us too! Set post Pusher.

tri Angelis I and II (55k) Author: CiCi Lean
Category: Serious Mulder ANGST!
Rating: R
Synopsis: Mulder puts his own life on the line to save Scully. Excellent ANGST and Scully comfort ahead! :)

tri Another Point of View (13k)
Author: Parrotfish
Category: MSR
Rating: NC17
Synopsis: A sequel to Point of View, this one picks up "the morning after..." Pure relationshipper smut. :)

tri Another Swim (26k)
Author: Joann Humby
Category: SEX, ANGST
Rating: R
Synopsis: This story takes place between Elegy and Demons. No hearts and flowers folks...

tri Antidote (403k)
Author: Rachel Howard and Karen Rasch
Category: XRA
Rating: NC-17
Synopsis: Strange doings in a tiny western town bring Mulder and Scully out to investigate. Once there, they uncover a deadly experiment that may cost both of them their lives. (Rachel and Karen. Two great tastes that go great together!)

tri Aphrodisia (261k)
Author: Kristel S. Oxley-Johns
Category: MSR, Smut, B/D, S/M
Rating: NC-17
Synopsis: Mulder and Scully explore trust and control issues as they embark upon a D/s (Dominate/submissive) relationship.

tri Apocalyptic Poet (24k)
Author: Lydia Bower
Category: Already established MSR
Rating: NC17
Synopsis: Mulder and Scully post The Red and The Black.

tri Appointment (12k)
Author: Mystic
Category: MSR, ANGST
Rating: G
Synopsis: Scully is having some "stress issues" and is ordered to seek Psychiatric assistance. Mulder gets called in too, after Scully's appointment, and them goes over to Scully's house for a friendly "confrontation."

tri Armor of Her Eloquence (21k)
Author: Lynn Gregg
Category: MSR
Rating: NC17
Synopsis: Scully lends Mulder her lap top, forgetting that her files contain very "private" diaries. Well, OF COURSE Mulder reads them!

redball recommended Arousal(9k)
Author: KRoch
Category: MSR
Rating: NC17
Synopsis: Kelli's own words: "This story is about one thing, and one thing only: SEX." :) (Gertie's says a special "thank you" to the wonderful MD1016 for noticing this over site.)

tri At Ease (10k)
Author: Sidra Vitale
Category: MSR
Rating: NC17
Synopsis: Mulder and Scully have a Movie Night that turns into a slumber party. Only, with no slumber...

tri At First (21k)
Author: Sheryl Martin
Category: MSR, a touch of ANGST...
Rating: NC17
Synopsis: A simple little "house-cleaning" of the basement office causes Scully to stumble across the file of her abduction... Angst follows, and MULDER TO THE RESCUE! (can you tell yet that I LOVE saying that? )

tri At The Mercy Of Love (83k)
Author: JT Filipek
Category: MSR
Rating: NC17
Synopsis: First they talk, then they don't talk.

redball recommended (41k) Atonement
Author: Dorothy Gayle
Category: MSR, ANGST
Rating: NC17
Synopsis: Mulder has insulted Scully and she is determined to make him pay. (Anyone for a "goodie dance?") Red ball recommended!

tri Audio Dynamite (60k)
Author: Crash
Category: MSR, Scully ANGST, rape
Rating: NC17
Synopsis: Scully experiences nightmares of her own rape while working on a serial rape case. Mulder helps her deal with her feelings.

triAwakening (64k)
Author: Amy Schatz
Category: ANGST (rape)
Rating: Strong R
Synopsis: Scully is being stalked my a madman, and Mulder is helpless to watch...
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