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X-Files FanFic by Title: C

redball recommended Can I Trust You With My Heart? (38k)
Author: J. Ackerson
Category: ANGST, MSR
Rating: NC17+
Synopsis: This is a romance story with a splash of Mulder angst in the beginning. Definitely not for young eyes! You have been warned...

tri Candles (19k)
Author: Statler and Waldorf (Natalie O'Brien)
Category: MSR
Rating: NC17
Synopsis: SMUT! SMUT! SMUT!

tri Caprice Part 1 (25k), Caprice Part 2 (24k), Caprice Part 3 (30k)
Author: Diana Battis
Category: MSR, S, A
Rating: NC-17
Synopsis: A nice hot and steamy post Je Souhaite piece.

tri Captive (40k)
Author: Danielle Culverson
Category: ANGST, X-File
Rating: R
Synopsis: Yet another psycho-with-a-grudge-against-Mulder story... Not that I'm getting sick of them!!! :)

redball recommended Captured (8k)
Category: Mulder Angst/Scully Comfort, MSR
Rating: R
Synopsis: Mulder is ANGSTin' out and its "Scully to the Rescue!" Nice, short, comfort piece!

tri The Carrot and the Stick (22k)
Author: Plausible Deniability
Category: MSR
Rating: NC17
Synopsis: A sexual encounter with Scully results in additional angst for Mulder. Don't worry! There is a sequel! Clock Watcher (21k).

tri Casting Out Demons (32k)
Author: Yvonne Richards
Category: Mulder ANGST, MSR
Rating: R
Synopsis: Mulder has a little too much to drink, and Scully asks for her mother's help to "clean up his act." Mulder happens to overhear a very private conversation between mother and daughter...

tri Catalyst (74k)
Author: Sherry Davis
Category: Mulder Torture, Scully ANGST, MSR
Rating: NC17
Synopsis: Warning! Not for the meek! Wonderful angst in this one, but be prepared for some rough stuff! Some "thugs" try to "talk" Mulder and Scully out of dropping a case.

redball recommended The Catalyst (76k)
Author: Lea Collins
Category: MSR
Rating: NC17
Synopsis: A wonderful piece of mind candy, including nothing but sex! Thanks Lea!

tri Catfight (90k)
Author: Donnilee
Category: MSR/M-POV
Rating: NC-17
Synopsis: Scully loses her cool and fights for Mulder's honor, revealing more than she meant to. What will they do now? <g>

redball recommended The Caught in the Act series
Caught in the Act I (36k)
Caught in the Act II (34k)
Caught in the Act III-Sub Rosa Part I (76k)
Caught in the Act III-Sub Rosa Part II (93k)
Author: Parrotfish
Category: MSR, ANGST, X-Files, Adventure
Rating: All stories are NC17
Synopsis: Parts I and II are about M and S getting caught with their pants down (literally!) and the ramifications of their "crime." Part III, "Sub Rosa" is a jump-up-and-down BIG FUN ANGSTers delight! This story archived as part of the Thanksgiving '97 Goodie update.

tri Cellphone (27k)
Author: Marasmus
Category: V, A, MSR
Rating: NC-17
Synopsis: Mulder and Scully picture themselves in happier times. A tear-jerking ending. (Synopsis written by Heather)

tri Chainlink (10k)
Author: Gnatalie
Category: MSR
Rating: NC-17
Synopsis: Short. Sweet. Powerful. (Powerful in every sense of the word...)

redball recommended Cheapened Things (41k)
Author: MD1016
Category: MSR ANGST
Rating: Definitely NC17
Synopsis: Mulder has another pesky nightmare, with Scully to the rescue... But Mulder has more in mind than just a hug for comfort! This is my current favorite piece of FanFic...

redball recommended Chiaroscuro parts 1-5, (45) parts 6-9, (45k) parts 10-13, (43k) parts 14-17, (51k) and parts 18-21 (41k)
Author: Blueswirl
Category: Angst, MSR
Rating: PG
Synopsis: "chiar-oscu-ro": the quality of being veiled or partly in shadow. Each segment has a name that helps give you an idea of what this story is about... Chiaroscuro, Chiaroscuro 2: Interlude, Chiaroscuro 3: Covenant, Chiaroscuro 4: Inversion, Chiaroscuro 5: Courage, Chiaroscuro 6: Devotion, Chiaroscuro 7: Simplicity, Chiaroscuro 8: Supplication, Chiaroscuro 9: Commencement, Chiaroscuro 10: Terror, Chiaroscuro 11: Resurrection, Chiaroscuro 12: Exploration, Chiaroscuro 13: Contemplation, Chiaroscuro 14: Patience, Chiaroscuro 15: Fortitude, Chiaroscuro 16: Veracity, Chiaroscuro 17: Absolution, Chiaroscuro 18: Desperation, Chiaroscuro 19: Deliverance, Chiaroscuro 20: Reunion, Chiaroscuro 21: Exultation. This is one of my earlier favorites that I just recently re-discovered!

tri Checkmate (16k)
Author: Rhondda Lake
Category: MSR, fluff
Rating: NC17
Synopsis: Here's a little piece to relieve your mind of all those ANGSTy thoughts and relax your body with some fluffy erotica.

tri The Children We Were (13k)
Author: Tara Avery
Category: Scully Angst
Rating: PG
Synopsis: Scully angst and Mulder comfort. A nice combination! If you liked this one, Tara has her own site!

redball recommended The Christmas Trilogy: Joyeux Noel, (15k) Peace On Earth (20k) & Seasons Greetings (31k)
Author: Amy Schatz
Category: ANGST, MSR
Rating: NC17
Synopsis: Mulder and Scully exchange Christmas presents, the untraditional kind, and its big fun for us!

tri Cleansing Rain (25k)
Author: Lori Shupe
Category: MSR
Rating: PG
Synopsis: Mulder and Scully declare there love for each other during a thunderstorm, in a tiny hotel room.

tri Clinical Detachment (45k)
Author: Zuffy
Category: MSR
Rating: NC-17
Synopsis: Scully's injury tests our agents' self-control... <giggle>

tri Clock Watcher (21k)
Author: Plausible Deniability
Category: MSR
Rating: NC17
Synopsis: After a less-than-confidence-building sexual encounter with Scully, Mulder determines to do better. This is the sequel to The Carrot and the Stick (22k).

tri Closing the Door (24k)
Author: J. Ackerson
Category: ANGST!!!
Rating: R
Synopsis: Mulder and Scully, while all ready in a romantic relationship have a nasty fight, and Mulder leaves... ANGST for Scully, when she gets an uninvited guest!

tri Cold Night, Warm Bed (32k)
Author: Atticus
Category: MSR
Rating: NC17
Synopsis: This story can be summed up by it's title. A fun SMUT romp!

redball recommended The Cold Truth (78k)
Author: Lori Shupe
Category: Super, duper, extra heaping of Scully ANGST with a pinch of MSR for flavor
Rating: PG13
Synopsis: I am proud to say that this story was written in response to a challenge I put forth to X-Files fanfic authors. Lori hit the nail right on the head with this super angsty piece!!! Highly recommended!

tri Collision
Story removed at author's request
Author: imajiru
Category: MSR, alternate universe
Rating: NC17
Synopsis: Make sure you read this one from the very beginning, otherwise you will be very lost.

tri Comfort (11k)
Author: Kay S.
Category: MSR
Rating: NC17
Synopsis: Mulder and Scully are having a "sleep over" at Scully's apartment, in separate rooms of course, when Mulder wakes up from a terrible nightmare. The separate room thing goes right out the window...

tri Comfortable Accommodations (11k)
Author: Trottola
Category: MSR
Rating: NC17
Synopsis: A very cold Mulder and Scully need to find warmth while out in the wilderness on a case.

tri Complete (11k)
Author: Maidenjedi
Category: MSR
Rating: NC-17
Synopsis: A nice What-Really-Happened-That-Night post All Things romp. <giggle>

tri Complete (44k)
Author: GMD614
Category: MSR
Rating: R
Synopsis: Mulder drops by Scully's apartment for a little visit... BIG FUN!

tri Complexities of Time (52k)
Author: Morgan
Category: MSR
Rating: NC17
Synopsis: The physical in its purest form is merely an expression of the complexities of time.

tri Consequences (37k)
Author: Suzanne Schramm
Category: MSR
Rating: NC17
Synopsis: Set post Fight the Future, Mulder and Scully have a "chat" about the "kiss that was... almost..."

tri Contact High (125k)
Author: Penumbra
Category: S\R, Angst, RST
Rating: NC-17
Synopsis: Scully drops by Mulder's apartment one evening and one thing sort of leads to another. Colonization metaphors abound. Mulder's new bed has a cameo. ;)

tri Covenants, Contracts & Restrictions (42k)
Author: Suzanne Schramm
Category: MSR
Rating: NC-17
Synopsis: Missing scene from Arcadia. Night 1: they spoon like baby kittens (shyeah!). Night 2: Scully tosses Mulder out of the bedroom. Night 3: Anyone's guess. All I know is Mulder was looking pretty chipper the next morning. And Scully was acting downright wifely when she asked him to give up playing in the mud on Night 4.

tri Crescendo In Blackness (84k)
Author: Scott J. Hauenstein
Category: Mulder ANGST
Rating: R
Synopsis: Mulder is seeing "visions" of Samantha, and needs lots of help to get them out of his head... Excellent Scully comfort!

tri Crossing the Line (98k)
Author: Jennifer Lyon
Category: X-File, ANGST, MSR
Rating: NC17
Synopsis: What would happen if Mulder and Scully finally got so feed up with the Consortium, that they decided to take matters into their own hands? Read Jenni's wonderful story to find out!

tri Crucifying Scully (122k)
Author: Katie Harris
Category: MSR Scully/Other
Rating: NC-17
Synopsis: Mulder and Scully are in a romantic relationship when Mulder up and ditches here. Again. Scully finds someone else, but he's no Mulder...

tri Cruento Somnium (128k)
Author: Eviltwins aka Lana and Laine
Category: Mucho ANGST, rape alert!!!
Rating: NC17
Synopsis: Scully is plagued by a series of unexplainable dreams. Meanwhile, women are dying, internal organs are missing, and it's up to our favorite agents to figure out why before Scully's time runs out.

tri Current (50k)
Author: Audrey Roget
Category: MSR
Rating: NC-17
Synopsis: Mulder and Scully are joking around at the office when, suddenly from Mulder's lips comes, "There's only one woman who truly turns me on, and she's not a leggy blonde on the idiot box, but someone I love." Hummm. Wonder who he is talking about? Don't worry. Scully figures it out pretty quickly. Check out Audrey's webpage for more of her fic!
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